Yoga Classes

Gentle Stretch Class
Gentle stretch is for EVERYONE! All ages, and physical capabilities. Gentle is the key word. I will slowly and carefully guide you through a series of stretches that open the body with mindful deep breathing, and the assistance of blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. My intention is for you to finish class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed from your daily routines.

Vinyasa Flow Classes
Vinyasa Flow classes use consistent movement to connect students with their breath through a series of yoga poses. The practice of consistent movement while focusing on your breath will evolve into a tool for strengthening your ability to respond thoughtfully to life events, rather than react emotionally to your circumstances. A consistent yoga practice will reveal and teach you how you respond to your life. Do you hold your breath and feel anxiety when facing challenges? Do you push hard to 'accomplish' a 'perfect' result, believing that anything less is failure? My vinyasa class is a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice how to breathe through 'challenges', strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and ultimately gain the tools to move more gracefully through your life and all of its demands

Stay Tuned for upcoming classes

About Oona

When asked how long I’ve practiced yoga, I am astonished to share that I began my practice over twenty years ago! Looking back over those years, with all the twists and turns of life, I honestly can’t see how I could have consistently moved forward without it. That knowing is what inspired me to complete my teacher certification in 2015 with Najla Barile at Harmony Yoga in Redondo Beach, CA. As I dove deeper into my study and my yoga practice, I discovered a stronger purpose, a bigger ‘why’ that was pulling me. That ‘why’ is to support my students in THEIR yoga journeys, so they can experience the same benefits from yoga that it continues to provide me over two decades later.

Now, after years of teaching classes at Harmony Yoga, serving many private clients, co-facilitating retreats in both Bali and Fiji, and continuing to grow in my own practice, I can say with great conviction that teaching was the best part of my week! Watching my students grow and experience for themselves the ever-increasing benefits of consistent yoga practice, has been one of my greatest gifts, and a source of constant inspiration. And with the world’s steady recovery from the pandemic, I am SO excited to return to my yoga teaching, and to serve all of you!

Please join me at for curated yoga classes that use creative and thoughtful sequencing to connect you with your breath, through the mindful movement of the body. Which will help you to build the inner peace and focus that is so necessary to move through modern life, and all of its distractions, most efficiently and effectively. I can’t think of a better platform for my yoga classes than YureeshStyle, a brand that truly strives to share tools that serve the whole person, and not just a part.

AND, most importantly, THANK YOU for trusting me with your yoga journey. See you in class!

Benefits of Yoga

Mobility: By stretching regularly, it will allow you to feel good in your body and enjoy a better quality of life.
Better Blood Circulation: Stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles, delivering nutrients throughout the body, supporting better digestion, and increasing your energy levels
Range of Motion: When we move less our body tightens, which limits our freedom to do the things that we love to do, making our worlds progressively smaller.
Fewer Injuries: When your body is open and flexible, it is less prone to injury. Like anything without flexibility, it will snap, rip, or break, rather than bend and return to its natural state
Pain Management: Stretching increases flexibility, reducing strain on the body, which causes tightness, discomfort, and pain. So maintaining a level of flexibility is important to feeling good.
Posture: Stretching and maintaining flexibility improves posture because the muscles move more easily allowing them to support your body weight better. Good posture also improves balance and communicates confidence.
Tension: We hold tension in specific areas of the body, which is often the result of holding on to stress. Stretching those muscles releases that stress, which is an incredible benefit to your overall wellbeing. AND can support better sleep.
From a lifetime of activities such as sports, standing on your feet for long hours, sitting at a desk for long hours, parenting, lots of commuting, etc. our bodies carry a lot of history. Depending on how often & how long you repeat a physical routine, your body will adapt to it in various ways. There can be many negative effects to physical activity that accompany its benefits such as feeling tension, tightness, soreness, discomfort, immobility, and much more. By incorporating regular stretching into your life, you will experience the positive benefits of physical activity without many of the potential negative consequences. AND you will enjoy an overall healthier life.
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