Hair Models Wanted

Join us at YureeshStyle for a great haircut, & a few hours of fun (for real!), as the team spends a day doing what we love, cutting hair, educating, & making videos! 

If you are interested in a free haircut and a great time (guaranteed), please let us know by sharing your name, the best way to contact you to book, & pics or video of your hair right now from all sides. We will not share your information with anyone, it’s our promise! Our interest is only in you, AND your fabulous hair! ;) Finally, ALL hair types are welcome! 

Yureesh has two decades of experience as a master stylist working with clients in the salon, facilitating precision haircutting education, & designing haircutting systems for ALL textures of hair that are utilized all over the world. As the Owner & CEO of his own online education brand, YureeshStyle, he is showcasing these fresh looks on ‘models’ like you for his website, social media platforms, &/or for future haircutting video tutorials. We take your participation, your hair, & your time seriously! Thank you. 

If any or all of this sounds good, and a cutting-edge haircut from a leading artist in the industry sounds fun because it will be, join us by submitting your full name, number, & email. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly! Have an amazing day!

Fill out the form to be considered as a hair model and receive a free haircut and style from Yureesh.

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