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Leadership Coaching
Communication Coaching
Salon Business Development Coaching
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Team Trainings

Culture Building Team Training
Salon Business Development + Haircutting Workshop

At YureeshStyle, our objective is to Empower Salon Owners and Managers with Comprehensive Services for Leadership, Business Development, and Team Excellence.

Our mission is to provide salon owners and managers with a wide range of services designed to enhance leadership skills, drive business development, foster team excellence, and elevate the technical skills of stylists behind the chair.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including leadership and communication coaching, team training, salon business development coaching, and in-salon training programs for technical skill improvement.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders believe that no matter how good they are at something, they can always – and no matter how well they are doing, they can always DO better. Become an even more inspiring, motivating leader and build championship teams with confidence.

Implement organizational structures and systems that support your efficiencyImprove connections and relationshipsLearn tools and strategies for conflict resolutionEstablish your own culture code and live a more fulfilling life

Salon Business Development Coaching

Expand your earning potential, improve your work-life balance, and build a strong clientele and consistent, sustainable revenue stream that satisfies your financial goals – and then some! Receive one-to-one business coaching from Yureesh and learn how to implement essential tools and strategies that will drive the success of your salon business and better your personal life.

Improve client retention and rebookingGrow your retail sales and expand your earning potential
Learn how to implement an associate training program
Increase the individual and collective revenue of your stylists and salon
Improve connections and relationships with your team and vendors

Communication Coaching

Effective communication is what inspires and motivates others to become a part of your vision – in work and in life. Unify your audience through effective communication and gain their trust to follow your ideas and direction.

Build confidence in your mindset: Identify blind spots in your current approach and learn how to break patternsStrengthen your message delivery where you need it most: internal team communication, client communication, facilitation, presentation delivery, or public speaking

Salon Business Development & Haircutting Workshop

Work smarter, not harder! Expand your business’ earning potential and motivate your stylists with new techniques. Welcome Yureesh to your salon for a full day of business and hands-on education that will help drive your salon's success and elevate the skills of your team. Whether you’d like the hands-on aspect of exploring classic shapes and the latest trends or just get inspired by new, creative approaches, Yureesh will deliver exactly what you need. T&E is not included in the pricing.

Improve client retention and rebookingIncrease the individual and collective revenue of your stylists and salon
Grow your retail sales
Develop your team's haircutting skills (in the area of your choice) through a hands-on or demo format
Learn more efficient strategies to build client connections

Culture BUILDING Team Training

Create a Powerful Organizational Culture for Lasting Success!
Unlock your team's potential and boost client retention and loyalty with our essential team training program. A strong organizational culture is the cornerstone of every championship team, driving sustainability, cost savings, and a sense of belonging.

Identify and leverage the individual and collective strengths of your teamChart a path to success by defining your team’s “north star” Workshop a culture code and values unique to your team Build a stronger team dynamic and improve team communications
Create more career motivation and satisfaction
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Many organizations claim to have a strong culture, although very few know what that actually looks like or, how to utilize it as a key tool to reach their goals and objectives. Culture is not just “words on a wall” for decoration – it’s at the core of every championship team! It’s the ‘secret sauce’ to achieving incredible results.

Creating, nurturing, and implementing an unshakeable culture is like a garden that needs to be attended to daily to see results. I would love the opportunity to show you how to do just that in my fun, immersive Culture Building Team Training.


🌟 Unify Your Team

A strong culture and shared values form the foundation of successful organizations. Our training program helps you create and implement your own unique team culture, guiding your team members toward a common goal and fostering collaboration and cohesion.

🤝 Foster Collaboration

Effective team collaboration is crucial for achieving outstanding results. Our program equips you with the tools and techniques to unify mindsets, align goals, and promote a culture of teamwork. Discover how to leverage your team's diverse strengths and perspectives to drive growth and evolution.

💼 Enhance Retention and Loyalty

A strong organizational culture cultivates loyalty among team members and clients alike. By nurturing a positive and engaging work environment, you'll improve team retention and attract loyal clients who are drawn to your distinctive culture. Experience the long-term benefits of a committed team and a satisfied clientele.

💰 Drive Cost Savings

A solid culture enhances efficiency and reduces costs. When your team is aligned with your organizational values and practices, they become more motivated, focused, and productive. Save money through improved operational efficiency and create a sustainable foundation for your organization's success.

🏆 Champion Success

Just like championship teams, your organization can achieve greatness through a strong culture. Our training program provides you with the necessary strategies and insights to transform your team into a high-performing unit. Harness the power of a unified culture and watch your team thrive.

💸 Transparent Pricing

Please note that travel and expenses (T&E) are not included in our pricing. We provide a clear breakdown of costs, ensuring transparency and accountability in our services.

📞 Contact us today

Contact us today to learn more about our team training program and take the first step towards building a clear and impactful organizational culture. Unleash the potential of your team, foster loyalty, and create a sustainable path to success.

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