About Yureesh

When you create a strong culture that truly guides your business, you’ve solved what I believe to be the most important element of success.

When you learn how to effectively communicate with every individual in your life, you solve everything else.


My Story

Hello, I’m Yureesh Hooker, visual artist, musician, turned master hairstylist, master facilitator, education curriculum designer, global brand director of development, and now, founder and CEO of YureeshStyle – the result of my personal pursuit for career success and life fulfillment.

Throughout my many years in this industry, I’ve acquired valuable insights and tools for success needed to transform individuals and teams to operate as leaders – culture and communication, playing a monumental role in our sphere of influence and ability to succeed.

My purpose is to share how strong team culture, the demand for excellence, and how a commitment to constant growth and ongoing education changed my LIFE – and how it can change yours too.

My Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Yureesh became the most booked L’Oréal Professional Artist for three consecutive years before assuming his current role as the Global Director of Development at Pureology in 2021.


Haircutting – the craft that captured my attention and fueled my passion. I started my career journey as a behind-the-chair stylist for one of the most prestigious salons in the Nin the Bay Area after transitioning from a career in the music industry. Being the young creative I was, I was in search of a new outlet of expression and found haircutting – or, haircutting found me.



My experience at diPietro Todd led me to discover a new life purpose – to serve others. I was so inspired by the impact of being part of a strong salon culture that positively challenged me that I wanted others to experience it as well. I transitioned into becoming a full-time educator and facilitator for many professional brands and incorporated this messaging into my facilitation delivery. The essence of my education philosophy began to take shape as I touched hundreds of hairdressers both nationally and globally. It’s here that the core of Yureesh Style was essentially founded.

curriculum writer

Curriculum Writer

I then began to develop and write apprenticeship programs which are still in practice today. My goal was to build and implement an apprenticeship program that encouraged growth from within, emphasizing coaching and mentoring practices and building clientele to maximize revenue.

Becoming a Leader

My story began 20 years ago and is a testament to how education drives ambition and challenges us at our core level to dream BIG. Education helps us develop the essential qualities of leadership needed to excel in our careers. It’s those most important qualities we gain only through educational experiences that help us transform our DREAMS into REALITIES.

But what is a LEADER? A LEADER is someone that shares their discoveries and knowledge without ever holding any information back. A LEADER charts a path for others to follow. LEADERS are agile and never stop learning and growing for the benefit of all those around them.

LEADERS believe that no matter how good they are at something, they can always BE better – and no matter how well they are doing, they can always DO better.

It is my goal to transform all motivated learners into visionary leaders through the power, persistence, and practice of constant continuing education so that you can build a strong, thriving career, all while living a truly fulfilling life.

As many do, you may find that you have a successful career but not a fulfilling life, and not fully understand what’s causing this misalignment. We only know that it's preventing us from living our dreams. These are questions that I asked myself years ago, and I have since learned the answers through my own experience.

YureeshStyle converts these practices into customized strategies unique to each individual, so that you, too, can experience the profound powers of leadership which enable you to create your own success journey.


Our vision is to reveal the fullest potential within every individual so that they can make the most successful career and live their most fulfilling life.


We believe that anything is possible through education and commitment to growth!

Our mission is to transform all motivated learners into leaders, and to establish YureeshStyle as the industry's leading resource for career and personal development.

Culture & Core Values

When you solve culture... you solve everything else.

Culture is a structure of systems, beliefs, and practices of a collective or community that contribute toward a unified mindset and a common end goal. When you create a strong culture that truly guides your business, you’ve solved what I believe to be the most important element of success.

Our goal is to help corporate executives, salon owners, and hairdressers understand and leverage the positive impact of culture and then learn how to apply it as a successful tool in their personal and professional career development.

See the excellence in everyone

see the excellence in everyone

Lead by example

Lead by example

Act with integrity

Act with integrity

Learning is fun!

Learning is Fun!

Commitment to GROWTH

Commitment to GROWTH

Our Culture Code

At YureeshStyle we believe in cultivating a culture that transforms learners into leaders, demands excellence from everyone, and challenges one’s potential through their commitment to ongoing education.

Build your own culture code!

Learn how implementing a culture code can motivate your teams and help drive the success of your business.

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