Creative Cutting Bundle


'Picasso once said, ' Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.' My 'Creative Cutting' bundle is designed in this exact spirit. The 3 haircuts that I share, & the techniques that I use to create them, are built on top of a strong foundation of precision cutting methods. This tutorial bundle shares how to execute 3 haircuts on long, mid length, & short hair in full with minimal edits. I use these haircuts as a vehicle to teach techniques as well. After watching you will not only know how to create the 3 specific looks, that I’m sure will serve you in exciting your clientele & increasing your revenue in the salon. You will also truly understand the techniques used so that you can add them to your ‘toolbox,’ mold them, & create like the artist that you are!

Option to pay through Venmo, on checkout page.


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