Clients and Testimonials

My name is Hayden.

I’m a stylist and educator at diPietro Todd Salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been cutting hair for 10 years and I truly would not be the stylist I am today without Yureesh Hooker. He taught me everything from how to cut a perfect one length line to how to map out sectioning for an intricate creative look I wanted to achieve. I also had the amazing opportunity to assist him in many of his advanced education classes where I got to observe his teaching style in front of a large audience and how he connects with each and every one of his students. When a student asks Yureesh a question he is always willing to put in any effort to make sure he gives a thorough answer. He was always willing to stay late or take the extra time to make sure I understood how he answered my question. To this day I still hear Yureesh’s voice in my ear when I’m consulting with my clients or educating my students. I’m always thinking about how he would approach the situation and what steps he would take to achieve the desired outcome. Yureesh’s combination of technical knowledge of haircutting and his ability to connect with people on a personal level make up the perfect combination for an amazing educator and mentor.

I just took a class with you today. My name is Melanie I was right up front. I just wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I think you are a truly amazing person and I have been to many many events in my lifetime and listen to many people in our industry speak and I thoroughly enjoyed you today and cannot wait to share the things you shared with me with others! Thank you again so much.


Yureesh, Thank you doesn’t begin to capture it. You made all the difference in a difficult situation. So so glad to have you on my team. Maybe you can use this to defray the cost of refreshments at the new Batman Movie!


Really enjoyed every part of the class this morning. You have given me so many tips on how to better the clients’ experience as well as my connection with them, and feeling like more than just a receptionist. Thank you! “BONUS!”


I work at Square and took your class last week. I’m still processing it all! It was truly the best class I’ve ever taken. I’ve never been apart of something so genuinely impactful and valuable. I recently did my first bodybuilding competition and your class really helped everything come full circle. The same discipline (or habits!) I applied with that are the same ones I need to use in the rest of my life! Since your class I got an alarm clock that is on the other side of my bedroom to help me get up! I’m a snoozer.

Forever grateful for you being in our lives. We haven’t stopped talking about you all night. So much inspiration so much work ahead of us. Have another incredible class tomorrow and a peaceful night.

We love @yureesh Energy + Passion


Just wanted to thank you for your class yesterday at Bernards. I’ve been with Bernards for 5 years and your class was one of the most fun, inspirational, and exciting I’ve been to in a very long time. Crazy inspiring down to that little spiritual speech you hit us with. Thanks again, for your time, knowledge and humor. Next time I’m in SanFran I’m gonna look you up for an appt. P.S. – I’m still digging on that suit jacket.


This man @yureesh is a one of kind human being. He is so passionate about what he delivers and how a salon can create a better experience! Just cannot thank him enough for spending time with us and our team.


Hey Yureesh! I just wanted to let you know that you really inspired me and I’m really thankful for you. I’m almost done with instructor training and it’s allowed me to reflect on who my most inspirational educators have been and I want you to know that you are certainly one of them!


Thank you for always being a light I can guide people to! I always took many of your posts and used them in my daily life! Thank you for helping me see my own worth and striving to be better and do better things!


This was a mind-blowing experience having this man in our house. His spirit, energy and humor captivated our entire team and shifted their mindset on what truly a salon experience can be! You are amazing Yureesh Hooker! Cannot Thank you and LP for giving us this wonderful time with us. Let’s do this again! 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️#loreal #lorealpro#lorealprofessional#lorealprofessionnel #lorealeducation#saloneducation #powerifpositivity#loveyourself #customerappreciation#teambuilding #lovemywork


Thank you to my salon @three13salonspa and the amazing @yureesh for affording me this fantastic class!!!! Yureesh is a fantastic educator that really delivers great information!!!! As a matter of fact, I was leaving as soon as the class was over for vacation. Like immediately, car was packed and ready to go. I was actually sad that it ended so soon! 🤣 I look forward to having more education in the future from him! 


@yureesh amazing program. Mad preparation. Costco size #sazon. I watch and learn from you like kids look at Barney. Salon emotion to the next level. Learned from you an @liftfromwithin at the William Vale – the person with the highest energy wins. In that case you are undefeated my friend. Oh ps. If I can verbalize this post, it would be in that amazing Irish accent. Xoxox. You are not only a Godsend, you are a movement. Thank you with all of my heart, love, energy, and light. #amen


Hi there!!! I was in your class in New York a couple weeks ago for Kerastase!!! I taught a large class today and used everything you taught me in training and went so amazing!!! I just wanted you to know how valuable your class was to me. Thank you so much!


First of all I wanted to thank you so very much for coming to our salon to share all those wonderful tips and tricks you have learned throughout the years. Today I decided to finish what I started utilizing all the techniques you taught us when you came and this is what the outcome was. I’m working on not letting my perfectionism get in the way of learning and letting my Artistic side experiment and explore more. Thank you for all your advice, you’re truly amazing!!! #haircuttingtechniques #lorealtraining #hairpassion #pixies #loveforhairstyles


Hey Yureesh! Just wanted to say thank you for all your tips from our class a month ago. Finally got to use the oil with a hard part and loved it so so much! Much love for sharing your knowledge.


I want to express my gratitude for you!! Today really changed my mind and I’ve always admired your abilities of facilitation. But today you took it further with the exercise you told us to do. And really made me think about things differently. You connect on not only a facilitator standpoint but a personal one and I just really appreciate you and your guidance. Thank you for being you!!


I can’t even begin to describe the last two days with these cats! I am beyond grateful for all their help and new tricks they have taught me! To be surrounded by such talent was pure bliss!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You guys are the!!! #progressioncutting #sohoacademy #Lorealprous #neverstoplearning #cantstopwontstop #lovewhatido#beautyismyduty #slay


Amara’s hair stylist had the honor of attending haircut specialist @yureesh cut and style class. He is so inspirational and had awesome technical cutting tips. Thank you @yureesh for coming all the way from San Francisco to teach us your techniques! #amaradayspa #cuttingclass #inspiration #hairstylist #transformations


Men’s hair cutting with the one & only — @yureesh ! What an AMAZING class from such a TALENTED artist!! Thank you SO much for all your wisdom!


Fantastic mens cutting class today at Indigio with the incredibly talented, energetic Yureesh! Feeling so inspired! #menshair#lorealprofessionnel#roundgraduation #indigosalonspa#neverstoplearning


So thankful for yesterday’s inspirational day of education with @yureesh! I learned so much about salon emotion and a lot of it applied to everyday life too! My biggest takeaways were to BE PRESENT and the only way to change someone’s behavior is to change YOUR response.


Thank you so much to Yureesh Hooker for an inspiring class on men’s cutting!! Not only did we learn quite a bit about men’s hair cutting techniques.. We San Diegons also enjoyed his NYC accent and incredible sense of fashion. His welcoming and positive outlook towards his students understanding, was simply.. RAD!


Hey Yureesh! I got the chance to use some of the techniques you showed us in the men’s hair cutting class last time you were at Impulse. I’ve done it on two men this week and my fading was so much better on both! Still learning how to hold the ear at the same time. So happy I could finally do it on real clients and loved the improvement I saw in my hair cuts. Wanted to say thank you and hope everything is going awesome for you!!!


So we had a class with @yureesh last Monday and it’s safe to say that I’ve become more confident in cutting! Since his class, I had 4 specific cuts that pertained to what I learned and I could definitely tell a difference! Thank you so much @yureesh for sharing your knowledge.


I became a color specialist because cutting hair was something I never really understood…so I just figured it was never for me. I remember the first time I took a class by you, it was at DPT…and that class I felt you like unlocked some mysteries for me and today’s class as well. I truly appreciate the way you teach and break things down. You speak my language when it comes to haircutting, so I thank you…and I hope to take more classes from you.


Comfortability stunts growth – I was pushed in multiple ways through the cutting course this weekend. Something I realized is that my job is more therapeutic for me; My mind has been extremely jumbled and pushed to its limits over the past few months, it took a moment to gather myself and be able to fully focus on class but once I did it became healing to focus on what I love and pushed to be better. I can’t wait to utilize new techniques and keep forming better habits. Thank you @drewschaefering and @yureesh for sharing your minds <3


This class gave me many tools to take back to the salon so I can give a much better presentation for our assistants class. I also have a clear picture and examples of what has been lacking in our assistant training classes. At the same time I am excited to implement some of the great ideas we received that will help fill in the holes of our assistant training program.


Such a creatively inspiring, eye opening and FUN men’s cutting technique class today with @yureesh!!! @dieselsalon #neverstoplearning #lorealprofessional #dieselsalon#knowledgeispower #keepgrowing


Thanks for coming and speaking at our school today!! You were very inspirational and your passion is definitely contagious! Definitely the best guest speaker we’ve had so far!! Thanks again!


What a powerful, impactful weekend. My heart and soul weighs super heavy. Thank you immensely @yureesh for a beautiful experience. Such an awesome way to end this weekend. Thank you >>>>>@shuartofhair@kerastase_official 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾<<<<<<#shuartofhair #kerastase#salonemotion #fearless #confident#moving #motivated #passion#connecting #friendships #nyc#lorealfamily #jackstudios#newyorkcity #empirestatebuilding#lorealprofessionnel #artofhair


Know no matter where you’re operating from you’ll have a tremendous impact. It’s been an incredible honor and pleasure to be a part of your journey and I’ll miss you more than you’ll know. Sorry for being sappy but you’re the best and you’ve inspired me for 10+ years. 🙂


Your charisma and passion inspire me to be the best version of myself!! #payitforward #giveback definitely by far one of the best presentations we have had at #sfiec


Thank you Yureesh oh my gosh you were #AWESOME today! #inspiration #youhavehumbledme


That was hands down one of THE BEST classes I have ever been to. It didn’t even feel like a class. It felt like you were my friend, giving me advice on how to better myself. I admire the fact that you take time out of your day to travel and share the true meaning of what we do. Your energy is contagious and your ability to stay real, no matter your success, is uplifting. I hated leaving early. Can’t wait to see you in Oct. Thanks again!!!


Still continue to be moved by how amazing @yureesh was. I encourage every artist to take his class. #motivationalmonday #continuingeducation #lorealprofessionnel


Such a privilege to have the oh so talented Yureesh in our salon again. The knowledge shared today is invaluable! Thank you @yureesh you are amazing!!!! #hairbybrookegoodman#bcp #bellezzacristalis#pleasantonhair#downtownpleasanton #modernsalon#bayareasalon #lorealpro #lorealprous#loreal #hairstylist #bellezzababes

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